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Fayth Hospital


Operation Fayth is an non-profit charitable organization giving back to children in our communities!  Our mission is to help put a smile on children's faces while battling some of the hardest days of their lives. 
Through Operation Fayth, we are also raising awareness for Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis and Pediatric Lupus 🧡💜 


At Operation Fayth, we believe that joy heals, even in adversity. Our mission is to bring joy and hope, to children in need by providing them with special gifts or experiences. We firmly believe that every child deserves to experience moments of happiness, even in the midst of challenging times. Through our dedicated team of volunteers and generous donors, we aim to uplift the spirits of these courageous children and their families. 

At the heart of our organization are the smiles and glowing faces of the children we serve. We recognize the profound impact that a simple gift can have on their outlook, fostering a sense of excitement, companionship, and renewed hope. Together with our community, we work tirelessly to make every child's day brighter, reminding them that they are not alone on their journey.

Join us in our mission to spread joy, inspire resilience, and empower children across our community. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of these brave young souls and bring a glimmer of joy to their challenging times.

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